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Watch & Talk


For the last three years, the Belluard Bollwerk International and the Migros Culture Percentage have been inviting young international artists to participate in a residency that takes place throughout the festival. This year, the residency takes a new turn by re-inviting the seven artists that met during last year’s edition of watch & talk.

These artists have decided to work together and are returning to the Festival to pursue research on the boundaries of theatre, performance, art and social action. Their investigations will develop around two main axes, mixing theoretical explorations and a range of public and non-public activities.

You are invited to pop into their studio, located in Arsen’Alt, where they will be working daily. There, you will be able to watch their work developing, understand their artistic process and see how these minds interact with the Festival and Fribourg.

Saturday 28.6. | 18:30

watch & talk goes public

  • Thu 26.6. 12:00 - Sat 5.7. 12:00

Invited Artists: Hans Bryssinck, Nicolas Field, Romeo Gongora, Tomas Gonzalez, Kati Korosuo, Mariana Matveichuk, Ana Mendes.

watch & talk is a project of the Pour-cent culturel Migros in collaboration with the Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

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