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Watch & Talk

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This year, the artists of the watch & talk residency, want to launch a new public activity: they are setting up a programme, in which they will pair up audience members to see an event together and share their thoughts on it.
On Saturday June 28th, at 18h30, they will launch this activity. Everyone is welcome to have a pre-show drink at their studio and to pair up with someone. The idea is then to attend either one of the evening’s shows together with one of them or another spectator and to afterwards share your views on art, theatre or whatever you took from the piece. Bring your curiosity, they offer the rules of the game.

Invited Artists

Hans Bryssinck, Nicolas Field, Romeo Gongora, Tomas Gonzalez, Kati Korosuo, Mariana Matveichuk, Ana Mendes.

Cultural mediation
  • Sat 28.6. 18:30
  • Free

watch & talk is a project of the Pour-cent culturel Migros in collaboration with the Festival Belluard Bollwerk International.

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