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TechnoRaveGun & Wolfgang Von Stürmer


Born in Berlin Wolfgang von Stürmer now divides his time between New York ond Berlin. Between 1985 and 1992 he studied composition with Wolfgang Rihm and has recently had his work performed at the 'Knitting Foctory' and the 'Generator Sound Gallery' in New York. 

Stürmer has presented his compositions all over Europe. He participated in the media-festival MULTIMEDIALE of the ZKM Karlsruhe with his computer and performance work. He is a regular in the annual concert series of the NKG at the SDR Karlsruhe, Germany. His worklist includes compositions for chamber ensembles as well as the computer-music chess-project GAME AND EARNEST as a commision for the Belluard Bollwerk Festival in 1987. 


TechnoRaveGun combines digital low-tech and analog high-tech on a hardware and software level. Here the music's Tekkno elements, composition structures transformed from "contemporary" music, House grooves, ambient sounds and industrial noise-attacks, form the soundscape of this group. The sound impressions experienced at Techno events and raves builds the central aim of the sound. It is a diverse ambience in which the listener is constantly oscillating between the state of sit-still-and-listen to a I-wanna-dance kind of groove. 

TechnoRaveGun builds the bridge between rave-party and concert hall with high inlensity. The hardcore sound is performed with an original 70's organ, synthesizer, computer, VCF-modulated electric bass, sampler, winds, drum machines and live drums. The final touch comes from the melodie combination of traditional folk tunes with nervous cyber-city noise.

Experimental Music
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Sat 9.7. 23:00 - 23:00

avec: Wolfgang von Stuermer (basse modulée VCF, machines rythmiques, sequencing, sampler) - Christoph Grund (orgue électrique, claviers) - Al brecht Riermeier (batterie et percussions Electroniques - Gebhard Ullmann (vents)

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