Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Amund Sjølie Sveen


Sound of Freedom

How does it affect people to hear their favorite nursery rhyme for hours on end? What can noise-torture do to a human being? Musician and performer Amund Sjolie Sveen investigates the nature of warfare, through music used as a weapon, and weapons used as music. Sound of Freedom is a performance about the physics of sound, the rethoric of weapon production, acoustic bazookas, the ability of war to create meaning, and the use of childrens’ songs as torture. After watching this performance, music will never sound the same again.

Musical lecture performance
Swiss Premiere
  • in English avec sous-titres en français
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Fri 4.7. 22:00
  • 20.– / 15.– CHF
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By & with: Amund Sjølie Sveen; support: Cultural Council Norway, Freedom of Expression Foundation, spenn.no.

  • Presentation at Belluard Festival with the support of: Performing Arts Hub Norway.

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