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Tanja Zgonc



East meets West. Tanja Zgonc's fragile and sometimes spectacular dance work is a subtle plea for harmony. In "Pot" she confronts natural harmony and tradition with the tumultuous and hectic contemporary life. Zgonc does not comment, but wants to show that with positive mind and tolerance one can build a better world anywhere. At the end of the piece, the door to hidden mystery is left invitingly open, as a gesture.

Halle 2C
  • Sun 11.7. 18:30
  • Tue 13.7. 20:00

Chorégraphie : Tanja Zgonc. Danseuses : Tanja Rgonc, Mateja Reboly, Sabina Potocki. Scénographie : Igor Ravbar. Musique : Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar. Eclairages : Miran Sustersic. Costumes : Luka Zan. Production : Plesni Theater Ljubljana.

  • Avec le soutien du Ministère Slovène de la Culture

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