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Thierry Dafflon, John Jasperse, Michel Massot, Uli Scherer & Ursula Schmidt

(Suisse, USA, Belgique, Autriche & Suisse & Suisse & Pays-Bas)

Persona non grata

Five artists of different disciplines will meet each other in Fribourg, and create a site specific work commissioned by the festival. "Persona non grata" will be an adventurous artistic encounter and an unpredictable exchange of thoughts in dance, music and fashion.

Choreographer John Jasperse is known as an extremely kinetic and thoughtful dancer/choreographer. His improvisation-based, mostly energetic dances, set to musical scores by e.g. Chris Cochrane and Zeena Parkins, received excellent acclaim in New York and through Europe. Noteworthy are also his remarkable appearances in the work of Jennifer Monson, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's "Ottone, Ottone", and others.

Ursula Schmid stepped across the Swiss border to explore and enrich her dance and choreographic vocabulaire. She moulds her vulnerable willful choreographies with an obstinate perseverance. Her devotion to and involvement with her work did not stay unseen and got awarded e.g. at the Concorso Internazionale di Coreografia in Cagliari.

The young Swiss fashion designer Thierry Dafflon is not afraid of a new challenge. His fresh ideas, wit and pluck caught fast the eyes of some renowned fashion houses. Dafflon feels more connected to Tex Avery's fantasies than to glitzy catwalks at the court of the Louvre.

Piano player Uli Scherer is a musical alchemist with a wide range of activities. He composes for the Vienna Art Orchestra, for film and theatre and collaborates frequently with author Ernst Jandl. Uli Scherer is open to every new musical challenge.

Michel Massot founded with two of his friends the jazzy Trio Bravo. Their name echoed from New York to Krakau. Massot's exquisite trombone and tuba playing moved not only the audience and the music critics, but also musicians such as Garret List, Harry de Wit, Peter Vermeersch, Jérôme Thomas, F. Rzewsky.

Home made production
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Thu 15.7. 21:00
  • Fri 16.7. 22:30

John Jasperse (USA) : chorégraphie, danse.
Ursula Schmid (CH/NL) : chorégraphie, danse.
Uli Scherer (A/CH) : composition, trombone,tuba.
Michel Massot (B) : composition, trombone, tuba.
Thierry Dafflon (CH) : costumes.

  • Une commande du Belluard Bollwerk International 1993.

    Avec le soutien du Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions et le Ministère de la Communauté Française de Belgique pour Michel Massot.

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